The First Light of Lunt LS80THa/PT

This is the first light of LS80THa/PT. The sun is not active today. Nothing special can be seen… The focal length of LS80T is 560mm, the DMK cannot image the full disc in one go. Luckily the width of the DMK sensor is able to cover full disc, the other shorter direction is being captured by drifting. One can see there is a slight horizontal artifact in the image. I don’t know how to get rid of it.
In general, the scope deliveries uniform images for both visual & photography. The newly equipped pressure tune of LS80THa/PT is gorgeous! It just likes the Feather touch version of etalon tuning. This sophisticated design makes fine Doppler tuning possible.


  1. Thanks! I am not good at processing. This result is just because of the scope, not me.