My First M42

I started DSI since this summer.
M8 & M20 are easy targets in the summer. I have seen lots of M42 in Internet. Last night the sky condition was good and enabled me to image my first M42. In the middle of the imaging, LVI complainted several times of loss star! I looked at the sky. The guide star was not covered by clouds. Gosh! The guide scope was fogged! I have no heater. In fact both guide scope & main scope were fogged. I didn’t know when this happened. I have no cleaning kits! This certainly caused loss some contrast & resolution etc. Perhaps there is lots of room for improvement, I am very happy with this image. It marks my first winter DSI this year.
Equinox 80ED
Astrotech Zero Power flattener
350mm guide scope (A modified 9x50 finder scope)
HEQ5 Pro
ISO 800
2x30s, 6x2mins, 2x5mins, 2x10mins = 43mins (Total)

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