26-3-2010 Sun (1057 Active Region)

I just find this organization provides the solar information, including the nomenclature of action regions.
Seeing: 3/10
Transparency: 4/10

LS35T, DMK 41
LS35T, DMK 41

LS35T, TV 5X, DMK 41

Equinox 120ED, Herschel Wedge, TV 5X, DMK41


Small scope & big prominence

The big prominence diminished a bit today.



LS35T + TV 5X


The First Light of Herschel Wedge

Due to the recent poor weather in Hong Kong, my new APM 1.25” Herschel Wedge has been waited in the storeroom for a few days. Although both transparency and seeing were bad today, the sun was awaken! After I used my LS35T to shot the big prominence, I compared the Thousand Oaks Optical Solar Filter Type 2+ & Herschel Wedge. Luckily, the sun has a very small sunspot. It is not obviously showed in my little LS35T. The resolution of LS35T is not high enough to see the detail of the small sunspot. I deliberately used the Oaks Optical Solar Filter Type 2+ & Herschel Wedge on Equinox 120ED respectively. The sun surface showed by Thousand Oaks was quite flat. However, the sun surface showed by Herschel Wedge has details! The color of Herschel wedge is natural and the image is of high contrast compared with Thousand Oaks filter. In terms of safety, I like the Herschel Wedge because if it is taken away, basically one cannot do observation. On the other hands, if a front solar filter is accidentally dropped off, one can still place his or her eyes behind the eyepiece. This is disastrous! In terms of flexibility, the Herschel wedge wins. It just virtually turns any refractors into a solar scope! Well nothing to say & let the photos speak for them.
Equinox 120ED, TV 5X & Herschel Wedge

Equinox 120ED & Herschel Wedge

18-3-2010 Small Scope Big Prominence

God bless! We have sunshine today and I have 2 free lessons at the right time. Sun light just shone on the corridor just outside the laboratory! I setup my LS35T quick and did observation. Gosh! I saw a very big prominence and it was the biggest prominence I have ever seen! May be I am too green in solar observation, but it is biggest prominence recently. See if I have to monitor it tomorrow.

LS35T, DMK41, Stack best 95% out of 150 frames

Goodbye my C5

Last year I ordered a Meade 8 SCT and waited for long time. Meanwhile I bought a used C5 from a local astronomer. It is a very handy scope and I used to use it to do solar observations and perhaps some planetary observations. Finally I got my Meade 8 SCT. It seems that there is no much use of C5. I don’t want it to sit inside the store room. So I decided to let this classic C5 go! It was sold to an experienced stargazer in 3rd March 2010. This ended our 10 months relationship! So people asked me why I sell this classic C5. The reason is simple. I don’t keep any scope which is not used frequently. The other reason is that I can spare the money to buy other instruments. This photo is the goodbye kiss to my C5.


The Long Waited Sun

It has been cloudy, rainy and humid for more than two months in Hong Kong. The winter was exceptionally bad this year. No stargazing and sungazing for more than two months since last Christmas Eve. Although it has been very busy today, I could not stop myself from the long waited sunshine today. I spent less than one lesson to shot the sun. Everything was in a rush!!!
LS35T, EQ3Pro, DMK41, Registax, PS, top 90% quality of 450 frames stacked