26-1-2011 A sunspot with a scar & a big prominence

There are two sunspots and one of those with a scar. Isn’t it funny? The seeing today is bad. Originally I intended to use TV 5X & DMK 21 to do a high magnification shot, but it sucks because of the bad seeing today. These images are taken with TV 2.5X & DMK21.

LS80T, TV 2.5X, DMK21


19-1-2011 Solar Observation

The activity is low. Anyway, this is a chance for me to practice solar imaging with this new LS80T. The focal length of the LS80T is 560mm. The CCD size of DMK 41 cannot capture full solar disc in one go. Therefore a drifting approach is needed. In order to align the full disc properly, one needs to select those alignment points which appear in the whole video. Otherwise misalignment or non-uniform brightness will be resulted.

LS80T, DMK41

LS80T, DMK41

LS80T, DMK21, TV 2.5X


17-1-2011 lots of proms today

The sun got lots of prominence and one sunspot today. I tried to image the sunspot at higher magnification. But I cannot make it because I have lessons to go!
Equipment: LS80T, DMK41, DMK21