Browsing around Orion with a small spaceship Tak FS60C

I used to use my Takahashi FS60C to do visual observations at home. It is a convenient scope for casual lunar & planetary observations. However, I bought a Tak f6.2 flattener for unsound reason, Deep Sky Imaging! It has been hanged around for more than a half year. Two days ago, 28/12/2010, I have a chance to try this little spaceship. The best destination for small spaceship in winter is the good old Orion region. Here are the products.
Takahashi FS60C
Tak FS60C Flattener f6.2
350mm guide scope (A modified 9x50 finder scope)
ISO 800
Dark frame
M42 (6x6mins = 36mins)
Horsehead Nebula (5x6mins + 1x10min = 40mins)

M42 (resized centre crop)

M42 (resized 100% crop)

Horsehead Nebula (resized centre crop)

Horsehead Nebula (resized 100% crop)

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