LS35T Sent for Repair

After watching the dealer’s Ha angular eclipse photos, I smell something fishy about my LS35T. I watched LS60T, LS70F and LS100T before in David’s solar party. As there were many big solar scopes, I didn’t draw much attention to the LS35T. After I bought my LS35T, I found the detail of the sun surface is not shown clearly. Originally I thought that was normal, LS35T cannot be compared with those big scopes. As u can see in my 1st Ha photo which was shoot by my LS35T. It seemed that it was abnormal. So I found David, who is an experience sun-gazer. He confirmed that my LS35T needed to be repaired. So I sent it back to the dealer for repair. The scope needed to be sent back to US. The dealer is so kind that he lent me his own LS35T. During the waiting, I can still do solar observations! Great! When I went to David, he let me tried his prestigious unobstructed LS70F and APM 80/480. Visually the surface detail shown was wow! The photo was taken by this setup. The photo was not particular good because of my bad skill!
16-1-2010, APM 80/480, LS70F Unobstructed Version, DMK 41

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