31-1-2010 Solar Image

Yesterday got a call from the dealer. He said that my LS35T problem is arisen from the objective, not the etalon. The objective got serious astigmatism. Gosh! When I hear this I was scared because my LS35T is a special edition and the objective was made by Carl Zeiss which means there would be no replacement! The current LS35T uses non-Carl Zeiss objective. I am lucky enough that the last LS35T, there are totally 4 Carl Zeiss editions in Asia, is not sold yet! I can have replacement right the way! Hooray! I will take it home this week and fully utilize it as my F.7 class will be finished.
After more than one month of bad weather. Today is a sunny day. I used the dealer’s courtesy LS35T to shot the sun. Although there is no sunspot, I got two big prominences! Since the diameter of the sun is about 110 times than that of the Earth, the biggest prominence is about 3 times the size of the Earth!
LS35T, DMK41, Porta, Registax 90% quality of 300 frames, PS CS4