The Lunar X

Yesterday after school, I was fed up with my work and I missed two consecutive observation days already. I don’t want to end up with sorrow and I don’t want to waste the clear sky. So setup telescopes quick and enjoy!

This was the first time I seriously use the new eyepieces, Baader Planetarium 8-24mm zoom, Tele Vue Nagler 3-6mm zoom and Tele Vue 2-4mm zoom. However, the instrument is nothing more important than the observation. I started the observation at about 6:00pm. The moon & Jupiter were hanging in the sky. When I pointed the M8 ACF to the moon, I quickly recognized the Lunar X. This is the first time I saw it and I remember that it can be seen in certain moon phase. However, I must good home because my two little daughters were waiting for me. So I packed all the telescopes and went home. I thought I can take the Lunar X after dinner.

After the diner and father’s evening duties, I started to image the moon at about 10:00pm. Oh Gosh! The Lunar X was not as obvious as that at 6:00pm (Moon age 7.615). It was stand out at 6:00pm, but now it was pale. I did everything in rush. Finally I made it! After that I search the Lunar X information in the Internet. The Lunar X can only be seen in 4 hours just before the quarter!
Lucky me! I made it! My next challenges are high resolution lunar mosaic and high power magnification lunar features.

Moon age 7.781, Equinox 80ED, DMK 41, Porta mount, 482 out of 500 frames stacked, Registax 5, PS CS4

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