DIY Bi-scope Platform

Being inspired by the China made telescope mount, I designed my own DIY Bi-scope Platform. My dad is a mechanic and crafted this platform according to my design and specification. The parts included are: Aluminum plate, Vixen Porta mount, Vixen dovetail saddle, Sky-watcher dovetail. The Bi-scope can carry two telescopes and some accessories. The weight of the platform is 3.4 kg. In this trial, I mounted an M8 (5.6 kg) and an Equinox 120ED (6.8 kg) on to the Bi-scope platform (3.4). The whole setting was mounted on HEQ5Pro. No kidding! The total loading is 5.6 + 3.4 + 6.8 = 15.8 kg!!! I believe this reached or beyond the limit of HEQ5Pro. This combination of Porta and dovetail saddle allows the fine tuning of two scopes such that they can be pointed to the same direction. There are some holes drilled on the platform which allow the flexibility to mount a camera. Anyway, it is not likely to mount two big telescopes on HEQ5Pro in field. Perhaps one big and one small telescope would be manageable. You know I am not strongly build and my car is small. Anyway, I feel very happy with this Bi-scope Platform. Thanks Dad!

Parts: Aluminum plate, Vixen Porta mount, Vixen dovetail saddle, Sky-watcher dovetail

Bi-scope Platform

Weight of Bi-scope Platform

Weight of Equinox 120ED

Weight of Meade 8" ACF SCT

15.8 kg on Sky-watcher HEQ5Pro

Holes for camera


  1. This is great idea, i will try same setup with my telescopes, i allready have porta. Have to try it! Thanks! br Rauno from Finland