North American Nebula: 9-7-2012 Pak Tam Chung

I went o Pak Tam Chung (北潭涌) this Monday and captured the North American Nebula. To me it is just a practice & I used two flatteners to image the North American Nebula, namely WO FLT (zero power) & the APM Riccardi Super ED reducer (0.75X). After finished the imaging with Riccardi reducer, clouds covered!!! I only got one frame of North American Nebula with the FLT flattener. So I just post the resized raw image.

For the combo of APM-TMB 105/650 & APM Riccardi Super ED 0.75X reducer
APM-TMB 105/650, APM Riccardi Super ED reducer, P2, HEQ5Pro, LVI II, 5DII (Astrodon Modified)
ISO 1600, 16 x @2mins, Dark Frame, Flat Field

For the combo of APM-TMB 105/650, WO FLT flattener
APM-TMB 105/650, WO FLT flattener, P2, HEQ5Pro, LVI II, 5DII (Astrodon Modified)
Since I only got 1 frame, so just resized unprocessed photo

APM-TMB 105/650, Riccardi 0.75X

APM-TMB 105/650, FLT, resized unprocessed raw

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