2010 Easter Taiwan Trip

This Easter I went to southern Taiwan for a vacation. I visited Kaohsiung(高雄), Hengchun Peninsula(恆春半島), Szchung River Hot Springs(四重溪溫泉), Kenting(懇丁) etc. This was the first time I did stargazing overseas. However, starting from 1/4/2010 to 7/4/2010, the sky was not cooperating. I took only one photo of the big dipper. During the last night in Taiwan, I drove about 20km from the hotel, Maya House (瑪雅之家), to Lungpan Park (龍盤公園) and Fengchueisha (風吹沙) alone and try my final effort to see if any chance for me. Well the sky was very dark. Nothing can be seen in the rear mirror of my car. The road was dead silent! It is quite scary to do stargazing alone in this situation. Anyway, the sky was covered by clouds! I finally quit!

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