High Resolution Lunar Mosaic

I did a quick imaging work in Christmas Eve because I needed to rush home for dinner. The seeing was 5/10 and the transparency was 4/10. Originally I want to shoot both Jupiter and moon. However I didn’t make it for the Jupiter. I used the Equinox 120ED and the 5X Powermate for the Jupiter imaging. The effective focal length was 4500mm. It was just too difficult for me to get the image on the DBK21 CCD. I tried for an hour and finally I gave up and switched fast to the moon. It was a good exercise for me to shoot the moon in high magnification. I used the Equinox 120ED and 2.5X Powermate. The effective focal length was 2250mm. It was longer than the focal length of C8. In order to save my work, I intentionally used more margins. I don’t want to ruin the whole image by miss a small parts of the moon. The final mosaic is a composition of 22 photos. I found it was difficult to make the sharpness uniform in all 22 photos. The underlining key is the selection of alignment points, not the number of alignment points and the wavelet. After process the image for more than 15 hours, I gave up! This is the result.
Click here for full size images:
Moon age 7.9, Equinox 120ED, EQ3Pro, DMK41, Registax 5, PS CS4

Filled background and rotation applied


  1. You are the man that should to up there and touch the moon.

  2. I guess both u & me are not able to go to the moon. Perhaps our next generation may probabily do a lunar trip.