In Search of Good Observation Sites

The light pollution in Hong Kong is terrible. A good observation site is hard to find. The location should be as dark as possible, private car can be easily accessed, convenient to set telescopes next to the car, covered by mobile phone network, safe etc. The well known observation site is Pak Tam Chung’s coach park. It is reasonably dark and convenient. However, the light from the nearby public toilet is very annoying. In addition, it is also a rendezvous of midnight motor cyclists. Shui Hau & East Dam are very dark, but they too remote. From time to time, I look around when I am driving in order to find new observation sites. Recently I spotted a new site which is close to PTC, 烈士紀念碑, in Sai Kung. See the attached maps. The field of view is wider than PTC. There are two minor light pollution sources. Light pollution from southeast, Sai Kung, and from AMS Canoe Centre, northeast. The big plus of this site is that the field of view is much better than PTC. In addition, there is a nearby toilet, BBQ stoves and tables.

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