Afocal trial

Today is a happy family day. After coming back from the Kadoorie farm, I took a wonderful shower. Ah…the half moon was just hanging outside my window. I used my grab-and-go scope, ETX-70, to do lunar observations. This was a good chance to test the Sky-Watcher’s 8-24mm zoom’s afocal ability. A friend of mine found out accidentally that after removing the eyecup at the back, it is a standard 42mm thread. I bought a 42mm to 52mm adaptor, which enables joining my good old Olympus C-5050 to the zoom eyepiece. The C-5050 has been sitting in the drawer for a few years. It is bulky, but its optics is good amount it’s class. That’s why I still keep it. It time for it to work again! The photo is a single shot. Is it OK to you?

ETX-70, Sky-Watcher 8-24mm zoom eyepiece, afocal, Olympus C-5050, BW, ISO200, F2.6, 1/200s


  1. You may want to use the timer mode to reduce the shake... good attempt.